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Horoscope Glossary
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Horoscope Glossary - Letter U
The seventh planet from the Sun. In astrology, Uranus is associated with upsets, luck, surprises, the unexpected, independence, the desire for friends, and a need for freedom and adventure. It rules Aquarius.

Horoscope Glossary - Letter V
An ancient Indian astrology system based on calculating data from the stars and other astronomical information and used both to analyze current behavior and to predict potential future occurrences.

The second planet from the Sun, and closest to the Earth, known for its beauty. In astrology, Venus is associated with love, harmony, beauty, money, talent, the arts, land, and other resources. It rules Taurus and Libra.

The sixth sign of the Zodiac; Virgo is an earth sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Its symbol is the Virgin, and key words for Virgo are analytical, practical, adaptable, realistic, rational, and health-oriented.

Void of course
A condition that arises when a heavenly body nears the end of its sojourn in a specific sign and makes no more aspects to other planets before it changes signs. This is usually applied to the Moon, specifically in horary astrology, and implies that nothing will come of the matter in question.

Horoscope Glossary - Letter W
Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The signs associated with feeling and emotion, with sensitivity and imagination, and with intuition.

Horoscope Glossary - Letter Z
Used mainly in Western astrology, the Zodiac consists of 12 signs of 30 longitudinal degrees each that are represented by twelve unique symbols and are each associated with certain characteristics that are thought to be prominent as the planets move through each sign.

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