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  Dream Oracle
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Understand your dream's secret messages!
Dreams are not just random mental events that happen when we are asleep. They are incredibly symbolic, unconscious messages. They can give you advice, warnings, and reveal secret meanings behind your circumstances.
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What people are saying:
Wow, about time someone offer such an awesome dream interpretation! This told me everything I wanted to know about my dream and things I never expected!
Roberta C. (Fresno, CA)
I love looking up my dreams, so this report really grabbed my attention. The interpretation was quite eye-opening. I will get one the next time I have a startling dream.
Conrad M. (Miami, FL)
1. Focus on the specific dream you want your Dream Oracle to address. Take a look at the cards below. If one of them immediately symbolizes your dream, simply click on it and go to step 2.
If you can't find it easily, select the word that best fits your dream in this list:
and select the suggested card as your Dream Card:
Fog ~ Obscured Vision ~ Darkness ~ Food ~ Drink ~ Game ~ Magic ~ Fantasy ~ Work ~ Business
Apparel ~ Gate ~ Door ~ Entryway ~ School ~ Education
Family Member/Feminine ~ Water
Family Member/Masculine ~ Deception ~ Betrayal
Church ~ Spiritual Place ~ Crowd ~ Religious ~ Spiritual Being
Sex ~ Love ~ Relationships ~ Marriage
Vehicle ~ Riding ~ Accident ~ Driving ~ Travel ~ Giant
Weapon ~ Strangulation ~ Suffocation ~ Choking
Hiding ~ Secret ~ Avoidance ~ Lost
Clock ~ Watch ~ Time ~ Money ~ Finances ~ Fortune ~ Gifts
Health ~ Animal ~ Conflict ~ Fighting
Hair ~ Body ~ Nudity ~ Paralysis
Blood ~ Injury ~ Wound ~ Death ~ Loss ~ Grief ~ Killing ~ Scenery (unpleasant)
Angel ~ Guardian ~ Colors ~ Textures ~ Senses
Enemy ~ Ghost ~ Ghoul ~ Monster
City ~ Structure ~ Bridge ~ Path ~ Street ~ Fire ~ Explosion ~ Natural Disaster
Celebrity ~ Entertainment ~ Nature ~ Scenery (pleasing)
Abandonment ~ Ex-Romantic Partner ~ Sea ~ Wave
Baby ~ Pregnancy ~ Birth ~ Friendship ~ Beach
Falling ~ Flying ~ Cemetery ~ Coffin ~ Grave
Cliff ~ Mountain ~ Peak ~ Exhaustion ~ Overworked
Fear ~ Running ~ Chase ~ Worry ~ Mistakes ~ Failure
2. Focus on the specific situation you want your Dream Oracle to address.
3. Click on each card in numerical order for your personalized spread, or click the Pick A Card button anytime you need a card.
Someone positive around you
Someone positive around you
Something positive around you
Something positive around you
Your Dream Card
Your Dream Card
The Advice Card
The Advice Card
Someone negative around you
Someone negative around you
Something negative around you
Something negative around you
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